The first things Pastor Maureen announced on the worship video were that there would be a confirmation during and a baptism after the in-person service at Vasa Lutheran Church on Oct. 25, 2020.

It was nice to see the red padded communion rail where I’ve rested my forearms palms up while kneeling alongside other congregants. There were also the impressive curls of the scroll design at the pulpit, and the lid propped up on the shiny black grand piano. (I also enjoyed, in addition to the view of the gold cross in front of a stained glass window during a hymn, the translucent pastel page markers stuck on the sheet music like little bits of stained glass themselves, and the concluding nod from the pianist.)

Pastor gave a succinct preview about biblical David perhaps being bored. “He appears to need a project” and offers to build God a house. We also got a brief review of optics and significant events regarding a marriage, a capitol and a palace.

Saying that even though “we don’t take much at face value these days,” and it’s tempting to speculate on motivations, all we actually know is that David wanted to build God a house — even though God seemed fine with a tent. God was willing to make an “unconditional covenant” to offer the gift of grace either way.

“What about us?” she asks.

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Even though we may be teary, weary and angry there is still grace ... “God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.”

Prayers included “rest and recovery” for fields and forests, as well as named individuals.

During the words of invitation for at-home communion, pastor neatly broke a circular wafer held up high into equal quarters.

It was announced that the nearby museum received a grant to put in a new heat pump. Holding up a publication, she pointed out that the white museum building is visible on the front of the new local phone book, behind the cover picture of the church’s gazebo.

Drive-thru pancake breakfast 9-11 a.m. Saturday Oct. 31, candle lighting during the service on All Saints Sunday and that November is food shelf month all were other announcements of the day.