After updating a password so I could use an electronic device with a bigger screen, I clicked into a live worship service already in progress. I wasn’t sure, but it looked like I got added to a chat room where there was somebody I know. I was tempted to do the equivalent of leaning over and whispering, ‘Windy out! Love the wreathes on the doors though.’ I decided to sneak out to the kitchen for more coffee and looked forward to coming back to the Nov. 15, 2020, worship video for Pine Island United Methodist Church a little later.

Comments online at that point included successful adjustments to sound, and somebody saying they loved having their dogs at church with them.

Looking back at the bulletin linked on their website, I was looking forward to hearing a song I didn’t know. It was pretty. As was the stained glass that we got to see when the youngest congregant in attendance walked around heaps of Tootsie Rolls to place nearby the several other worshipers present in the building. That was as part of the children’s sermon, and before she did a really nice job reading the scripture lesson. She agreed, doing a “heart check” that it felt good to share. It felt good on this side of the screen to be gracefully greeted by her.

Pastor Tony’s opening prayer mentioned coming to us across the airwaves and thanking God that “you meet us here.”

As for airwaves, the first time I saw Pastor Tony online he was flying a kite in an empty parking lot early in the pandemic. Creativity is a talent.

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The lesson included etymology on how our modern day word “talent” is derived from the name of the coins referred to in the Bible. We were asked to be “accountable,” and consider “the faith Jesus had in us” to do the right thing as he made his way to death on the cross.

Pastor said, “We’re now losing people we know” to the pandemic.

He announced there is a Thanksgiving video being produced.

The last hymn with words about consecration and letting life be was lovely and sustaining — even though it was a different version than the one to which I’m most familiarly accustomed.