Glancing over as we were driving by mid-afternoon on a dreary day, I noticed the cross at the peak of the roof was visibly illuminated.

There had been at least one time I was going to go to Our Savior’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, a newer construction on the edge of Cannon Falls, on a Sunday morning. I remember pulling into the parking lot, but as I recall I had the time wrong.

Later, I may’ve wondered about the collection of capital letters associated with their name in terms of a particular synod affiliation or not, and what that might all mean. For now, I found them online.

There was an announcement by Pastor Tim on Nov. 12 , 2020, asking families to consider choosing between attending Sunday school or worship, so that there’s a little more space for physical distancing on Sunday mornings.

During the worship video for Nov. 15, it looked like Pastor Tim had a good amount of open space to move about in as he preached. There were vertical strips of colorful swirling stained glass on either sides of the white marble-looking block altar with a neatly edged white tablecloth and a variety of deep red candles that complimented the carpet.

The image of Pilate washing his hands, as in wanting nothing to do with the crucifixion of Christ, is something I remember. I appreciated a bit more context.

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Israel was not a sovereign nation at the time of Christ. Pastor explained they had to appeal to the governance of Rome to get the death penalty imposed. Thereby, turning theology into politics and complicating the somewhat ironical accusations of blasphemy. Pilate, Caesar’s representative tasked with dealing with the Jews, had to be convinced. Finding no fault with the accused himself, he thought a flogging might appease the crowd, but no. Even when they were reminded someone would get pardoned in custom with the Passover celebrations the crowd chose another. Pilate and the Jews had a “toxic relationship.”

The desire for power had them all “violating principles and process.”

We were encouraged to “rise above the fray” in this “cosmic conflict;” for further discussion — take it outside.

Like with the prayers, cue the background music and appeal to a greater goodness.