HUDSON -- Dreams for the world lined Vine Street in the new year as the members of First Presbyterian Church shared in a luminary walk.

Participants decorated their luminaries with images and words representing their dreams. The event was the culmination of Advent and Christmas.

“Throughout the whole season we were talking about what it means to be those who dream, dreamers, people dreaming God’s dreams and people who have been given dreams by God that hopefully we can shine and live into the world,” the Rev. Kendra Grams said.

Confirmation students helped set up the walk ahead of the Jan. 3 event. Sophia Bast said it was cool to see what everyone’s dreams were.

“I think you could also tell what the year has been for them, versus what they said they wanted in 2021,” Bast said.

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Congregation member Kathy Roberts decorated two matching luminaries, one reading "Justice" and one reading "peace," because she said you can’t have peace without justice. The walk was set up beautifully, she said.

“I felt like it was a symbol of hope,” she said.

About 40 people participated, sharing luminaries and walking or driving along the path of light.

“Just offering that holy pause as we went into the new year was really meaningful for me,” Grams said.

Seeing people face to face, even in masks and in the cold, was an extra blessing, Grams said. Coming together as a community is important, she said, though it’s changed this year as people try to keep each other safe.

“That takes so many different forms, and so just embracing a creative way to at least symbolically bring our hopes and dreams together and be present and shine those into the community,” she said. “Also to show that we’re a part of this community and we want to be in solidarity with the wider community, seeking to make those dreams a reality for everyone.”

The congregation looks forward to ways to continue to embody community, Grams said.