When I lived in California for a few years, my first husband liked to say I attended “the church of the holy croissant.” I don’t deny it. I had a favorite spot in old town Pasadena.

There were also a couple of big churches nearby I like very much. A dear friend of mine is still in the choir at the Episcopal Church near the beautiful city hall. She described in her artful Christmas card how that’s a very different experience these days.

My California husband was much more of flea market worshiper — some beautiful pottery and tacky knickknacks. Plus, he already lived in Bungalow Heaven historic district that he was instrumental in forming via said city hall. So, I got to go cozy up with warm coffee cups and solid hymnals all by myself.

We did go to some smaller political gatherings together, becoming members of the Green Party. They’re not exactly democratic. Rather, they seek to go from mere majority rule to full consensus.

I remember reading more about that approach in the novel “Poisonwood Bible.” The example that stuck with me from that was how you can’t hold the cooking pot with two rocks — you have to convince the holder of the third rock to join you.

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I can’t believe I forgot about the Rose Parade this year, even though it was canceled. We had good seats in the grandstands a couple times where you could see the floats maneuver around the corner. Even more fun for me was walking a few blocks from our house a day or two later as they slowly came bouncing down neighborhood streets to where they were created in order to be dismantled. A few neighbors would have baskets and vases to collect fallen blossoms as they bounced free rounding over speed bumps.

Another church I clearly remember going to at least once (on the other side of the parade route, nearer the marriage counselor and also CalTech) included in the sermon the words “A unified field theory would be God to me.” I love that, quarks and all. But then it’s only theoretical...

Plus, there’s that whole thing about light being both particles and waves at the same time.

Sometimes it’s really hard to know how to behave.