One time when I was getting off Highway 52 at Cannon Falls coming from the Twin Cities, it clearly registered on me that, “That can’t be good.” There were a couple of horses loose on the road.

I pulled over to the side, put on my flashers and managed to get ahold of one of their halters. Another gal did similarly with another of the escapees. Neighbors right there helped sort things out. Somebody said they thought they belonged over by the church back there. I remember thinking, “There’s a church back there?” There is a blue sign pointing that direction.

Tucked in the back of a residential neighborhood is St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. The sermon was recently about baptism, in keeping with the common liturgy for the second Sunday in Epiphany.

The worship video opened with ringing of bells followed by organ music. Most of the music was familiar to me but not all. I’d like to get better at “chanting” psalms someday like they did. One of the pastors I worked with explained to me how the asterisks work to indicate the phrasing.

Pastor Keith talked about water in general — the abundance of it on our planet and in our bodies, how it increases property value and vacationing allure. He referred to Jesus’ baptism in the River Jordan as “the first view stop” on the tour of Jesus’ adult life. Adding that “free forgiveness” should be a tourist attraction.

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Being rather poetic with “dove from above” and “paid the price for our vice,” pastor described the scene when Jesus Christ’s wild man cousin John baptized him in an act of both initiation and fulfillment. The words “well pleased” were lovingly proclaimed from the heavens.

Further along in Christ’s ministry, He will baptize with the enduring presence of the Holy Spirit.

Those in attendance for Sunday’s worship were reminded to social distance before attending the voters meeting. It was also announced people should feel free to add more names to the email list, there’s no restriction of one per household.

When it comes to ways to communicate with God — there’s no limit.