RED WING -- Area Catholics and other concerned citizens gathered for a rosary march on Saturday, March 13, at Central Park.

Starting at noon, the 50 or so participants offered prayers, then sang hymns as they moved from place to place. They walked to the Goodhue County Government Center where they prayed for leaders, then marched to the Goodhue County Law Enforcement and Justice centers where they offered prayerful support and gratitude for officers, deputies, troopers and support personnel, as well as prayed for the people imprisoned.

"City Hall is where we ended our rosary rally with the St/ Michael Prayer and Litany of Saint Joseph. St. Michael is the patron saint of law enforcement and St. Joseph is also a defender against evil," Ann Buck said.

Participants acknowledged that one backdrop for the rosary march was the City Council's recent firing of the chief of police.

"Our trust and faith lay in God's hands. Beautiful Red Wing's officers of the law are being systematically dismantled. We can no longer stay silent on this matter," Ernie Stone said after the event. "In attendance, a tearful former Chicago police officer expressed how our prayers are needed across this great country."

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What is a rosary?

The rosary typically resembles a necklace comprising beads. The rosary's function is assist people in counting their prayers, but also helps Roman Catholics honor principal events in life of Christ and his mother, according to

Prayers that compose the rosary are arranged in sets of 10, called decades. The beads serve as an aid in reciting the various prayers in the proper sequence, according to the Knights Columbus. Saturday's march included The Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

There have been rosary marches in several U.S. communities in 2020 and 2021 with specific general prayers for law enforcement.