The first time I clicked into the website for Martin Luther Memorial Church in River Falls was to find an email address so as to inquire if anyone had turned in a long multi-colored mostly purple silk scarf. It has not been found.

When I went back to watch the worship video for Sunday, March 21. There were announcements on the screen including the current need for college Bible study snacks and the upcoming summer vacation Bible study schedule.

The children’s message was led by a young woman in blue jeans, yellow sweater and an orangish mask. She and some talented children sang a song about a mother duck.

The sermon series is on tears. Pastor Scott preached in detail about the crucifixion — considering Mary’s tears.

Before the message, there was a music video with the choir’s anthem. In muted colors we see a woman baking, painting a picture and hilltop journaling. We also see a table cloth being ironed and candle sticks being taken down from a fireplace mantle. I don’t recall seeing any sewing being depicted — or any silk scarf, for that matter.

The scripture referred to Christ’s seamless garment. I wonder if Mary made it.

Pastor Scott said that somehow moms “just know.” He explained how when Christ started his ministry he was “crazy popular.” His mother worried about him eating well and getting enough sleep. She wanted to take care of him. (His siblings as yet did not see Jesus as the messiah — they just saw him as a little crazy.)

At the crucifixion there was nothing Mary could do to help her beloved son. She couldn’t even give him a glass of water. But Jesus took care of her by arranging a place for her with a disciple also standing nearby.

Pastor mentioned the five years spent developing family groups and pods to take care of each other. “Behold one another no matter what.”

After the benediction, a brief video was shown of a mission team member in Costa Rica; the team had all arrived safely after a nine-month delay. The palm tree waving behind the gentleman with white hair wearing a white shirt was a good image to bring to mind with Palm Sunday coming up — when banners and palms will be held on high.

Kate Josephson grew up in rural southwestern Minnesota — going to a small town church every Sunday — worked as a church secretary in Red Wing for seven years. She continues to seek out religious experiences wherever she goes.

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