I was confused and a bit concerned about the link on the church website that clearly declared they were no longer “welcoming.” Should I push the back arrow, X-out, forget about them entirely? That didn’t seem right either... Click. Oh. Okay. A couple things — different denomination than the one I was exploring and one with which I’m more familiar so I looked more closely. The article was about shifting emphasis from welcoming people once they get to church to “inviting” them to come in the first place. That seems worthy.

A couple posts that clearly seemed to be specifically about the Seventh Day Adventist Church just off of Highway 61 in Red Wing were on providing prizes for Bingo at the correctional facility, and “May the Fourth Be With You.”

Listening to episode 8 of “Church at the Quarantine” I enjoyed hearing Pastor Brian saying, “Welcome brother, welcome sister,” including someone from Arizona and someone from California.

Sitting in front of a full tall bookshelf in a suit and tie he reminded me of a lawyer, particularly when he referred to “the law” and “transcripts.”

More confusion awaited me as the “mystery unfolded” with images of The Lamb and a holy city and a wedding and garments. I kept wondering if there had been remnants of cloth left over from the white dresses my mom helped the neighbor lady make for her daughters’ first communion — perhaps enough for a cape for my pink plastic lamb on wheels. Oh wait, the holy city was the bride not the lamb. I’ll stick with reminiscing about holding tight to the green glass bottles for the bleating lambs at the literal gate.

Back to the parable: the recommended garment is to be a “reflection of Christ’s character.” I resonated with it’s “worthy” to “see the value in what’s offered freely.”

Sounds like a welcoming invitation to me.