The Woodbury Parks and Recreation Department held its annual Coin Carnival last Friday at Ojibway Park.

The fair featured games, prizes, bounce house, temporary tattoos, food and Puppet Wagon shows.

By early afternoon, temperatures had soared into the mid-90s, making for a lot of sticky faces and hands as kids licked their rapidly melting frozen treats.

Colette Miller, 4, of Woodbury enjoyed her popsicle in the shade of a tree with mom Sarah. She seemed a bit mystified at the carnival's name.

"I didn't see any coins," she said.

The heat also seemed to melt the blue and green mohawk on Owen Kiefer, 5, of Woodbury. He and his sister Claire, 4, got their hair sprayed wild colors at the crazy hair booth. They watched the Woodbury Puppet Wagon show with their mother, Kayla.

By the end of the day, both kids had amassed bags of swag that rivaled Halloween trick-or-treats.

"I got a butterfly and two horses," Claire said.