To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the City of Woodbury is asking residents for vintage home videos of city parks, sporting and community events and school functions.

Footage shot before 2000 is preferred. The results could be featured in a special produced by the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission.

Digital files loaded on flash drives are preferred, but DVDs or VHS tapes also will be accepted. Residents will also need to sign and submit a release form, which can be downloaded and printed at

Drop" target="_blank">ci.woodbury.mn.us/images/media_release_form.pdf.


off your memories at Woodbury City Hall, 8301 Valley Creek Road, or mail them to the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission, c/o Bob McSherry, 6939 Pine Arbor Drive, No. 106, Cottage Grove, MN 55106

Submissions are due Friday, Jan. 13.

For more information email Bob McSherry at bob@swctc.org, or call 651-458-9241, ext. 4.