People love their pets. A companion animal can make a big difference in someone's life. Just ask Don and Amy Mayo, who recently adopted a cat from the Humane Society of Goodhue County.

"Both of us have some limitations on mobility," Amy said. "We don't get out as much as we used to and Zippy - that's the cat's name - provides endless entertainment and makes us laugh. She enriches our lives."

Since 1992 the Humane Society has operated the animal shelter on Brick Avenue in Red Wing. Stray and abandoned animals receive excellent care including medications if needed, vaccinations, spaying and neutering and daily feeding and cleaning. In addition, the Humane Society offers boarding for both cats and dogs and grooming for dogs. The organization is committed to serving the community by providing shelter for animals, promoting adoption and pet ownership and to help prevent animal overpopulation.

In addition to a dedicated staff, volunteers provide support and help to care for the animals. With a volunteer roster of over 200 people who have contributed their time in the past several years, the Humane Society is able to provide even better care. Volunteers may work in the office, assist with caring for the animals, walk dogs or simply socialize the cats with a bit of play time.

In 2016 the organization cared for 670 stray and surrendered animals. More than 100 of those were reunited with their owners and people across the community adopted 389 cats and dogs. No animal is ever adopted without first being neutered or spayed.

The animals come to the animal shelter in Red Wing from the city of Red Wing, Goodhue County and some townships in Wisconsin. They are often strays who would otherwise be roaming the area with no home or shelter. Others are animals who are surrendered by an owner that can no longer care for their pet for some reason.

Red Wing Police Chief Roger Pohlman offered his perspective on the Humane Society.

"The Humane Society of Goodhue County provides a safe place for abandoned/neglected animals that otherwise would remain at-large in our community."

The Humane Society is a nonprofit organization that relies chiefly on grants and contributions to support its activities.

"We have contracts with both the city of Red Wing and Goodhue County to take in stray and abandoned animals," said Karen Seaberg, board chairperson. "But over one-third of the budget is from organizations and individuals. We raise the funds through events and requests for contributions."

A major fundraising event for the Humane Society is the annual Gala Dinner and Silent Auction. This year the event will be held Oct. 19 at Mississippi National Golf Links. You can add your support by purchasing tickets and participating in the silent auction. Tickets are available at the Humane Society or online at

For additional information about the Humane Society, visit the website at or call 651-388-5286.