State Sen. Susan Kent has bad news, good news and a reminder to all women.

She has cancer, it was caught early, and her positive situation in the face of adversity is a result of frequent mammograms.

Last Friday, Jan. 29, the Woodbury DFLer announced that she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago.

“It was caught super early and was super small,” Kent said.

She began treatments, which she anticipates will be complete before the Minnesota Legislature reconvenes in March.

Kent also spoke at an American Cancer Society advocacy training last Friday, as well as making an announcement on Facebook:

“There was a lot of good news with my diagnosis. Thanks to regular mammograms and an astute radiologist, my tumor was caught very early and very small. As a result, my treatment has been relatively uncomplicated, and I’m so thankful that I’m doing well and feeling great.

“I keep catching myself saying how ‘lucky’ I am with my early diagnosis and treatment, but as one who has carried bills for the American Cancer Society, I’m fully aware that it isn’t luck.

“It’s thanks to many medical professionals and advocates who have worked hard for better and earlier detection, policies and funding for research and treatment, many patients who have participated in clinical trials, as well as other efforts of so many.

“So I’m not lucky, I’m grateful.”

She wrote about being ready to “rock” the upcoming legislative session.

“As always, I am excited and energized to get started and do the work that I have the honor and privilege of doing - representing my community and working towards a brighter, stronger and, yes, healthier future for Minnesotans,” Kent said.

She encourages others to schedule mammogram appointments.

“Early detection matters!” she wrote. “Please make sure you and your loved ones schedule those appointments.”