Westfields Hospital & Clinic is looking for more volunteers to work with patients who are at risk for developing delirium during their hospital stay. Delirium, which can develop in a matter of hours, is a sudden change in mental status or sudden onset of confusion. Delirium is more common among older people who are admitted to hospital.

Through the Hospital Elder Life Program, or HELP, volunteers sit and talk with patients, play games and do puzzles, offer magazines and adult coloring books, and help patients order lunch among other activities.

"It sounds simple," said Anna Mulfinger, the HealthPartners Delirium Prevention Project Manager, "but the volunteers' work has an important goal of stimulating patients' cognitive abilities through activities."

For more information on becoming a HELP volunteer at Westfields Hospital & Clinic, contact Renee Dennis at renee.d.dennis@westfieldshospital.com or 715-243-2793.