Did you know that during the federal government fiscal year 2018 the Minnesota Child Support Program (through county and state child support offices) provided services to over 340,000 parents and over 235,000 children? And did you know that over $434 million dollars was collected for ongoing support, which was roughly 74.9% of support that was due?

These and other interesting facts are included in the “Child Support in Minnesota: Facts and Figures” document available on the Minnesota Department of Human Services website at https://edocs.dhs.state.mn.us/lfserver/Public/DHS-4744-ENG.

The mission of the Minnesota Child Support Program is “To promote the well-being of children and the self-sufficiency of families by delivering quality child support services”. The program helps parents establish a financial partnership and helps children receive the support they deserve.

The Child Support Program services available include locating parents, establishing parentage, establishing support orders, modifying and enforcing court orders, working with other states to enforce support orders, processing payments, and more.

There are many resources available for those looking for information about the Child Support Program. This includes general information as well as case-specific information for participants. Information is available on a variety of topics including: guidance on how to apply for services, use of the child support guidelines calculator, legislative updates, payment options, and answers to frequently asked questions.

An excellent resource is Minnesota Child Support Online (MCSO), a Department of Human Services website that includes information about the Child Support Program and the services available including specific information for employers and participants. This participant link provides a good option for parents to stay informed on the current status of their case. Minnesota Child Support Online website can be accessed at www.childsupport.dhs.state.mn.us.

The Goodhue County Child Support Division (located in the Health and Human Services Building in Red Wing) administers the Child Support Program in Goodhue County. Information about the Child Support Program can also be found on the county website at https://www.co.goodhue.mn.us/696/Child-Support

In addition to the websites, persons wanting more information on the Child Support Program and services available can contact Goodhue County Child Support office at 651-385-3200.