In early returns in both the state and St. Croix County, Democrat Tom Barrett has a commanding lead over Democrat Kathleen Falk and has been declared the winner by various news sources. The other Democrats in Tuesday's recall primary election are well behind the two leaders. Barrett had garnered 121,193 (55 percent). statewide with 36 percent of the precincts reporting; Falk had 81,503 (37 percent). The other candidates had 4 percent or less.

In St. Croix County Barrett had a commanding lead with 35 of 41 precincts reporting. Barrett lead Falk 2,499 to 1,251. Other total are: "Fake Democrat" Gladys R. Huber 120, Kathleen Vinehout 333 and Doug La Follette 169.

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With 25 of 28 units reporting in Pierce County, the totals are: Barrett, 1,511; Falk, 696; Vinehout, 301; and La Follette, 88. "Fake Democrat" Gladys Huber has 60 votes.

On the Republican side, Gov. Scott Walker is widely ahead of challenger Arthur Kohl-Riggs both staterwide and in St. Croix County (5,735-149)