The Prescott Police Department will host an identity theft awareness meeting from 9-10:30 a.m. this Saturday at Prescott Emergency Medical Services, 1603 Pine St., Acting Chief of Police Mike R. Bondarenko announced.

City residents will have the opportunity to learn about identity theft, how to protect themselves from it and what steps to take if they are victimized.

"Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in Prescott," said Bondarenko. "Not only have victims suffered financial losses, but they have also had their personal information stolen and credit histories ruined."

John Carlson of First National Bank and Lee Anderson of M&I Bank will present an overview of identity theft, while Dallas Eggers of the Prescott Area School District will demonstrate how personal information can be stolen on the Internet. Bondarenko will offer information on how victims should deal with the crime.

"Our goal is to make Prescott residents more aware of identity theft so they can take positive steps to protect themselves from becoming a victim," said Bondarenko.

Everyone is welcome to attend this community meeting. There is no charge for admission. Informational material on identity theft will be distributed.