A judge in Jackson County says a Hatfield man could invoke more bodily harm in that community just by being there.

So Circuit Judge Thomas Lister kept Doug Sidie, 39, in jail without bond Tuesday.

Sidie is charged with homicide in the shooting death of his ex-wife Alicia on Nov. 7, hiding her corpse in a nearby wooded area, and eight counts of obstructing officers, claiming Alicia was missing while hundreds of volunteers spent almost a week searching for her.

In court Tuesday, District Attorney Gerald Fox said Alicia Sidie was subpoenaed in September to testify against her husband in his third-time drunken driving case, and it could have led to her death.

Under defense questioning, a state justice agent said Alicia threatened to take away the couple's twin 2-year-old boys, if her husband didn't stop seeing an 8-year-old son from a previous marriage.

Judge Lister called the matter "emotionally-charged," and that's why he's keeping Sidie in jail without bond for up to 60 days.

John Brinckman of La Crosse has become Sidie's lawyer.

Judge Lister said earlier he would withdraw from the case, but has not done so.

Court records said he represented Sidie a few years ago while serving as a private attorney.