The sparky points of a taser put an end to an Eagan, Minn., man's romp on Maui at the expense of a Diamond Bluff woman he had promised to marry.

James E. Jackson, 40, now sits in a Maui correctional facility awaiting extradition to Wisconsin after being taken into custody by Maui police on Jan. 9.

"The judge in Hawaii wants him (Jackson) to face charges there first before sending him back to Wisconsin," said Lt. Dennis Sorenson of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.

Jackson met Kathleen Cullen, 49, in September at Prescott Days and he then moved into her home just after Thanksgiving. The two were planning a Las Vegas wedding.

But on Dec. 23, Jackson told Cullen he had a business meeting in Grand Forks, N.D., and flew away.

However, the plane wasn't going to Grand Forks, he was on a one-way trip to Hawaii, all paid for by using Cullen's credit card information he allegedly had taken.

When she got home that night she discovered the charge on her credit card and that there were several things missing including her laptop, cell phone and other items totaling approximately $7,500, according to Lt. Doug Ducklow, a Pierce County investigator.

Ducklow said Jackson also allegedly took the woman's diamond engagement ring and a pearl necklace.

The man will face a theft charge in Hawaii for allegedly falsely using the woman's credit card. He also failed to pay his $800 bill at the Maui Prince Hotel.

According to a report in the Maui News, Jackson had met up with a woman from Azerbaijan whom he had met online. He reportedly gave that woman the diamond ring and necklace he had allegedly taken from Cullen. The pair was reported to be planning to soon leave for Russia.

Ducklow suspected that Jackson was in the Lahina area of the island because of credit card charges and he had attended a time-share presentation there.

Investigators also posed as Cullen and communicated with Jackson via e-mail.

The end of the line came when Jackson called the Cullen from his Maui Prince Hotel room and Maui officers were able to trace the call.

The Maui News reported that officers went to the room and knocked. When Jackson didn't answer they threatened to break down the door. However he opened just before they got started and let them in.

Officers told Jackson to get on the floor, but instead he turned and started walking toward the room's lanai. A taser shot made sure he didn't make it.

Court records show that Jackson has waived extradition, but he'll be enjoying the Hawaiian heat until April 6, when he is due in court there.

A Maui County court official said that a circuit court judge has signed an order requiring Jackson be sent back to Wisconsin on or before April 13.

In Wisconsin, Jackson is charged with theft and fraudulent credit card use. In the past he's been arrested in California, Minnesota, Tennessee and Mississippi for theft, credit card fraud and abuse, according to court records.