Almost all of Wisconsin's corn crop is in the ground - and now, farmers have the hot weather they need to grow it. Officials said 93-percent of the Badger State's corn was planted as of Sunday, four-percent lower than the average for the past five years.

But we're not seeing as much of it as we should. 64-percent of the corn has emerged - 20-percent behind the norm. Soybean planting is 75-percent finished. That's up by 25-percent from a week ago, but it's still 14-percent below normal.

The oat crop is 96-percent planted. Also, farmers have been making hay. Thirty-four percent of the first crop was in as of Sunday, up from just seven-percent the week before.

Temperatures were five-to-seven degrees above normal last week, and it's gotten a lot warmer since then. But some of the soils are getting drier. Twelve-percent of Wisconsin fields are said to be short of moisture, and one-percent is very short. Rain is in the forecast on-and-off in various parts of Wisconsin starting tonight and continuing for much of the week. The mercury could hit 100 degrees in the southwest today - but it's supposed to cool off dramatically statewide on Thursday.