A teenager from Manitowoc says he'll challenge a 202-dollar ticket for "planking" on a city police car. In case you don't know what that is, "planking" involves having your picture taken while lying face down, flat as a board, in unusual places - and then posting those photos. 18-year-old Alexander Hart said he was just having fun when he laid on a Manitowoc police car - and he said the police over-reacted when they gave him a city citation for disorderly conduct. He also wondered if the police violated his First Amendment right to free speech by ticketing him. Police Captain Scott Luchterhand says people can plank on their own property, but they shouldn't do it on others. He said it quote, "goes without saying" that the police don't want people planking on squad cars. Officials said Hart also planked near the county courthouse, at a memorial to fallen officers, and at a checkout counter at Walmart.