What's a circus without an elephant? Folks in the Madison area could soon find out, because a Dane County Board committee is scheduled to vote tonight on a proposal to ban elephant performances. Supervisor Matt Veldran proposed the ban. He says elephants don't belong in a traveling show because it's not possible to house them humanely. And he said Madison's zoo decided 11 years ago not to have an elephant because humane housing could not be provided. If the measure passes, it could mean the end of the Zor Shrine Circus show in Madison each February. The Shriners have not commented. Veldran is getting a lot of support for his measure. It has 15 co-sponsors, just three votes short of the 19 needed for passage. Dane County is not the only one considering a ban on performing elephants. It was proposed in Congress last month by Virginia House Democrat James Moran.