PRESCOTT--This is the 15th straight year the Prescott High School Marching Band has performed at a Minnesota Twins game.

The band performed on April 24. The tradition began when Band Teacher Jason Canfield began his teaching career with the district. To begin with, the local band used to perform some pep band music on the field. Now, they have claimed one of few high school bands' honors of performing the National Anthem.

Canfield said, "It is quite an honor. This year, the Twins representative told us the band is so great to have because they are so professional, respectful, efficient and they sound great. It is wonderful to receive great comments."

He added, "They were so impressed that our band just knows what to do and how well they do it."

Because this is not the first time the band has performed, Canfield knows just how to prep his students for the event. Making preparation for their performance takes a lot of planning and is now less daunting. However, the students enjoy each step of the preparation process, as they are always intent on doing their best in front of the Twins audience.

Nearly 100 students performed and about 200 Prescott folks attended the game overall. An astounding one-third of Prescott's high school students are in the band and performed on the field.