STANLEY - The FBI is reportedly trying to find out how a computer hacker stole $150,000 in payroll checks for employees in the Stanley-Boyd School District.

School official Jim Jones told the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram that he spoke with an FBI agent for an hour yesterday. And it's not known how the money was stolen. The FBI's Leonard Peace would not confirm-or-deny an investigation. The paper said the district sent its payroll funds to Madison's Anchor Bank last week as usual, so checks for 150 employees could be processed. But late Wednesday, Jones said the bank reported that the payroll was modified - and Jones blamed the bank, saying the data was correct when it left his office. Anchor Bank has not commented. The employees were paid last Friday from other funds.

Stanley-Boyd officials said either the school district's insurance or the bank's insurance would eventually cover the loss of the stolen funds. In the meantime, Jones said it should be assumed that the hacker has the employees' bank account data - and those workers are urged to get their account numbers changed to avoid identity theft.