GREEN BAY - Johnny Jolly says he feels great, and it's a blessing to have a second chance.

The veteran defensive end practiced with his Green Bay Packer teammates yesterday for the first time since the end of the 2009 season. The NFL suspended him for three years, after a series of drug arrests in his home area of Houston. Jolly says he has not taken codeine in 19 months. He just recently completed court-ordered addiction treatment, after spending time in prison for his offenses. Packers' coach Mike McCarthy says he won't evaluate Jolly's football condition after just one day. For now at least, the coach says he's just happy that Jolly is at the Packers' mini-camp. In McCarthy's words, "Our locker room is ready to embrace him and make sure that he has the support he needs - not football-wise, the football part I'm not really worried about."


Packers' tight end Jermichael Finley has bulked himself up during the off-season. He won't say how much weight he gained, but he says he's feeling good and is moving quote, "fast and physical." Finley is in the final year of a contract that's paying him eight-and-a-quarter million dollars this season. Coach Mike McCarthy says Finley looks excellent - he's at a playing weight where he used to be - and he's showing more strength and confidence. The Packers are entering the second day of their mini-camp - the first practices that are mandatory for players this off-season.