WOODVILLE -- A fifth-grader from St. Joseph School in Prescott finished second behind a boy from Durand as area students competed in the Southern CESA 11 Regional Spelling Bee.

One student from each of 18 districts, both public and parochial, gathered Feb. 21 at Viking Middle School to spell words offered up by CESA #11 Spelling Bee Coordinator Cindy Becker.

"It has taken tremendous effort by all of these students to get to this point. Good job!" said Becker to the 18 students seated in a semi-circle before judges Mary Sue Ash, Hudson, and Steve Perry, Baldwin.

Each student registered and drew a number from a bowl to determine the order for each round.

Isaac Dzubay, River Falls, finished fourth in the bee after misspelling the word "unerringly."

Carlie Christensen, Ellsworth , fell out on the word "nodule." The final two students received new rules for the final rounds and stood in front of the judges.

Maria Mishek of Prescott and Durand's Jake Wrasse volleyed with words -- both missing "climatologist." Wrasse then won the contest by correctly spelling "juncture."

Both Mishek and Wrasse will advance to state competition at Monona Grove Middle School, Madison in March. Christensen is first alternate.

Mishek is a fifth-grader at St. Joseph's School in Prescott. Christensen is a fifth-grader at Sunnyside Elementary in Ellsworth and Dzubay is a sixth-grader at Meyer Middle School in River Falls.