Western civilization and the Enlightenment tradition of reason, empiricism, personal rights and freedom are under assault from both Islamic jihadists and our own pacifist progressives.

Radical Islam blames the West for undermining its traditional and patriarchal societies with immorality and secularism while Western socialists blame America for leading a repressive and colonial global capitalist system.

Progressives mistakenly believe that Islamic terrorism springs from economic despair and western "hegemony" and that with sufficient economic opportunities the Islamic masses will embrace reason and tolerance.

Tom Loosmore of Martell, however, simply believes these surly brown people do not have an "adequate foundation" for democracy, which is as appalling and patronizing as it sounds.

Another falsehood is the dangerous notion that we are not fighting Al Qaeda or terrorism in Iraq. Clearly the most critical front in the battle between moderates and extremists in the Muslim world, between democrats and religious demagogues, is in Iraq. Due to its educated population, developed infrastructure and vast oil wealth, Al Qaeda has declared it to be the greatest battle of Islam in this era. Violence in Iraq continues because powerful regional players like Iran and Syria find it in their interest to support the global movement of martyrdom and jihad with arms and money.

The moronic charge of "war for oil" is a slander often repeated by left liberals. George Bush and Dick Cheney started a war and sent thousands to their deaths for personal enrichment.

Not as much personal enrichment as they could have achieved by staying in the private sector, of course, and not that there is any actual evidence for such outrageous libel.

From here it's a short hop to "Bush knew" about the 9/11 attacks in advance, which an astounding 35% of Democrats believe. Membership in the reality-based community is apparently not contingent on a subscription to reality.