This year's annual Poetry on the River workshop for young writers has once again come and gone, leaving behind the unmistakable scent of creativity and excitement in its tracks.

It was the events second year and a successful journey into the hearts and minds of students and teachers alike. At a culminating event on June 25 at the River Falls Public Library, the young authors read their pieces of writing to an audience of family, friends and community supporters.

After a week of writing instruction, collaborative songwriting, insect collecting, river walking, and bookmaking the 12- to 14-year-old students met to share their creativity and talent and take part in a celebration of the Kinnickinnic River, nature and poetry.

"The Poetry Launch," the final chapter of the workshop, is a chance for the young artists to meet one last time and present their work.

This year's honors go to Sierra Huhnke, Madison Probst, Aaron Kuesel, Anna Miller, and Anna Wittig.

Be sure to look for Probst's poem, "Salmon," which will be painted along the White Kinnic Pathway on the west side of the Kinnickinnic River.

Poetry on the River will be back for the 2008 summer season. Look for the registration brochures and posters at local businesses and public schools or read about it in The River Falls Journal.

Two poems, "Salmon" by Probst and "Moon and Sun" by Delahousaye are examples of some of the students' works.


Lush color of green splashed with raging fire red

moving swiftly almost like dancing and focused

through the pounding sheets of turquoise and

blue trying, hoping to finally succeed, to reach

my one and only destination

In my mind something imprinted, stained,

branded is driving, pushing forward telling me

don't give up, don't give up but strive forward

Once, twice I jump not wanting to stop not

wanting to get held back by any obstacle, I will

never stop never give up for it is my duty to


Moon and Sun

Day by day I watch the sun go down

The purple, pink and orange colors in the sky

Fade into the dark, black night

The moon adores the stars as if they were tiny,

Twinkling lanterns in the sky

The moon tucks each and every star into their

Beds, but the moon cannot sleep until mother

Owl wakes the morning sun

Many hours pass till finally mother owl cooed a

Honey-sweet coo

The sun woke up with a yawn and shed light on

The Earth, saying good morning.

The moon fell asleep in a snap.