Rob Thomas, the son of Rob and Shari Thomas; and Tessa Feyereisen, the daughter of Randy and Jana Feyereisen, share the honor of being named November's Students of the Month at the high school.

They were selected by their teachers for a high level of achievement in technology education.

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Teachers making the student selections were Kyle Igou and Paul Haugland.

Criteria for nominations included:

  • Effort and attitude that was consistently positive
  • Showing marked improvement in performance
  • Showing excellent achievement
  • Writing or creating an outstanding or unique project

    When students are taught useful skills by dedicated teachers, they are bound to learn and absorb those skills to their advantage.

    And when those same teachers make class time fun and enjoyable, the learning comes all the more easily.

    Such is the case in the high school's technical education department. November's Students of the Month, Rob Thomas and Tessa Feyereisen, both noted how their teachers' creative approaches make learning less like work, and more like a pleasurable experience.

    Rob Thomas

    High school senior Rob Thomas had this to say about his teacher, Kyle Igou.

    "Igou is a fun teacher (who) makes each day different," he noted. "Thanks, Igou."

    Thomas has studied advance mechanics and also power mechanics II with Igou. He thinks he was nominated because, "I'm in class on time and prepared." Also, "(I'm) very helpful."

    And those efforts did not go unnoticed by Igou.

    "I nominated Rob because of his work ethic and leadership abilities," Igou said. "Rob is willing to take on whatever project or task he is given.

    "Rob has completed many outstanding projects," Igou continued. "His problem solving skills are excellent and Rob is willing to complete any task. (He also) takes pride in what he does and helps others when needed."

    Being nominated by Igou meant much to Thomas.

    "I feel special," he said of the nomination. "It made my day."

    Thomas plans to make a career working in the mechanics field. He would like to attend the Universal Technical Institute in Chicago after he graduates and study diesel mechanics.

    "I love working on engines," said Thomas.

    Tessa Feyereisen

    When asked to give an example of an outstanding project, service or event that showcased her talent/intelligence, teacher Paul Haugland said this about senior Tessa Feyereisen: "A big part in my nominating Tessa for Student of the Month was that I had to have a substitute (teach) ... the class Tessa was in. I had written Tessa's name down as a student that could help the sub with certain things.

    "When I returned, the substitute had left me a note complimenting Tessa on what a great help she had been and that she had done a nice job working with the students in the class."

    Haugland went on to say: "I nominated Tessa because of her class performance and also her willingness to help other students. She grasped the concepts of the class and did a nice job on her activities/projects."

    Feyereisen says she thinks she was nominated because of her welding skills and ability to take apart and put back together a small engine.

    She learned those skills in the general mechanics class she took with Haugland. About him Feyereisen said, "Mr. Haugland is by far one of the best joke tellers there is."

    That's another example of a teacher making learning fun.

    Though Feyereisen doesn't plan to study the mechanics of machines, she hopes to learn about the mechanics of the human body when she goes to college. Exercise science/Human performance is the major she'll tackle. Winona State or Mankato State universities are her two schools of choice so far.

    About her nomination Feyereisen said, "I never thought I'd get nominated, so I guess it's kind of cool.

    When she's not working on those engines in Haugland's class, Feyereisen might be found taking part in her other school and extracurricular activities. They include C.A.T.S. (Connecting All Together Socially); Global Awareness and Change group; Ecology Club; girls soccer; and girls basketball.