Don't be surprised if your favorite state government service is harder to get next year.

Gov. Jim Doyle has told state agencies to return $100 million from their budgets by next June 30, so the state can have a least a little surplus for the current fiscal year.

Doyle is trying to build up a contingency fund for emergencies.

While agencies reorganize and stop replacing those who leave, Doyle hopes they can avoid layoffs.

Four of the biggest bureaucracies - transportation, corrections, administration, and health and family services - will account for 81 percent of the savings.

Doyle and his budget personnel say Wisconsinites won't see a reduction in services, but the head of the State Employees' Union says you'll notice.

For one thing, Medicaid will have cuts and that affects one of every seven Wisconsinites. Nineteen state revenue offices will close by the end of 2010.

La Crosse will be the first to shut down on New Year's Eve. That means folks who need tax forms or help will have to drive farther or learn to get those services on the Internet.