More than three years after he went missing, and two years after he was found dead near Medford, authorities now say Terrance Boushon was the victim of murder.

Taylor County Medical Examiner Scott Perrin says the 41-year-old died of blunt force trauma to the chest.

He likely died a year before his body was found in July 2006.

WCCN noticed earlier this year Boushon's death certificate hadn't been filed and began to ask questions. It was finally filed last month.

Boushon was last seen in Withee in May of 2005. He was reported missing in July 2005, but it wasn't until July 2006 that investigators found his remains north of Medford.

In past interviews, investigators said they found the remains on private land owned by acquaintances.

The search wasn't random; it was part of the investigation and the property owners weren't ruled out as suspects.