It won't be known until Tuesday, but reports indicate that Wisconsin hunters took fewer deer in the nine-day gun season that ended Sunday.

The harvest for the opening weekend was down 22-percent from a year ago and at mid-week, one registration post in Ashland County had a 40-percent decline.

Still, the Keith Warnke, of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, said progress appears to have been made in reducing the deer herd to the agency's population goals.

Up to 1.7 million deer roamed Wisconsin before the start of the gun season. Just over 354,000 animals were shot a year ago.

There were nine shooting incidents and one death this year. There were only six incidents a year ago, but three hunters were killed then.

While the death toll was down, Tim Lawhern, a DNR safety specialist, said he was not pleased there were more shootings altogether.

Four of this year's incidents were self-inflicted. The rest happened during deer drives.

Over the weekend, Bla Yao Vang, 54, Hortonville, died of apparent natural causes while hunting in Clark County. He was supposed to meet relatives there, but he never did. They later found his body in a wooded area in the town of Foster.