A 43-year-old River Falls man, frustrated that he couldn't find his daughter, allegedly beat up the man he thought should know her whereabouts. The male victim said he knew the man's daughter but not where she was that Saturday evening. Apparently the father wasn't satisfied with that answer. The beating allegedly occurred in the 400 block of Kennedy Street. The victim was at his girlfriend's house.

Officers later tracked down the assailant to where he was working his shift - at the city's power plant. There the man was given a $361 fine for battery.

In the past week police also:

  • Arrested a 17-year-old boy for battery/disorderly conduct in the 500 block of West Division Street. The boy got home late one night, past 2 a.m., and began arguing with his mother. She'd been sleeping. Soon the confrontation involved the mother's fiancé, and the boy allegedly beat up the 55-year-old man. Officers found the victim cleaning his bloody wounds in the bathroom. He had taken refuge there by locking the door for protection. The 17-year-old, reportedly hard to handle and intoxicated, was forcibly arrested and taken to jail. He allegedly yelled and spat continuously in the back seat of the squad car while being transported.
  • Arrested a 31-year-old woman for battery and disorderly conduct at 3:35 a.m. Sunday in the 400 block of Griffey Street. The woman had first called police to say her boyfriend had slapped her three times for playing with her hair. The boyfriend was later found walking a short distance away. He had cuts and bruises and said that, in fact, it was he who was attacked by his girlfriend. He had questioned the way she was handling her kids and that she had started to pull out her hair. He tried to brush her hands away before she punched him in the face. Police determined the woman was the aggressor. They arrested and took her to county jail. The man was allowed to get a ride back home to Minnesota with his mother.
  • Arrested two young men in the 100 block of Emory Drive for disorderly conduct and underage drinking. A neighbor trying to sleep complained that the two were yelling, swearing and even mooning. Then they started fighting. The men fled when officers arrived but were found hiding behind bushes near a building. They were given each given two citations.
  • Continue to investigate a May 22-24 weekend burglary to River Falls Mini Storage, 260 Summit St., in the city's Industrial Park. At least 15 units had locks severed. Only one storage unit appeared to have anything of value missing. In that one, a video game business owner lost a number of gaming systems plus action figures totaling about $2,000.

    For more Police Beat, please read the June 3 print edition of the River Falls Journal.