A huge load of a local farmer's corn spilled at the intersection of Main Street and Cascade Avenue just after 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14. Police closed a westbound lane of West Cascade, and Public Works assisted with the two-hour cleanup effort. Dwight E. Nelson, 59, 18 Glendale Drive, town of Troy, was hauling two gravity flow boxes of corn by tractor. The back one apparently tipped by the curb as he turned west on Cascade, spilling much of the corn. By the time Nelson reached the Winter Street Bridge, still unaware of the spill, the empty gravity box broke off and was left behind on the road. It briefly blocked bridge traffic. Police were able to catch up to Nelson at Division Street to tell him of the corn spill and the broken gravity box. Regarding the massive corn spill, one Dairy Queen customer asked a patrol officer, "Can we make corn angels?" About 50 bushels of the scooped up corn were later donated for the high school FFA's annual "Corn Drive" held Tuesday. Corn-drive proceeds this year will benefit the Walk-On Therapeutic Riding Program of River Falls.