Twelve deserving students were recently recognized by their teachers from each grade level and house at Meyer Middle School during the month of October, due to the outstanding work and social and academic skills displayed in their respective classrooms.

This week two of those dozen students appear with a brief description about them. Both are students in MMS's 6 Gold House.

Rachel Kelm

Rachel Kelm has made a great adjustment to the middle school. She makes great contributions in her 6 Gold classes.

Rachel is very responsible and respectful of her peers as well as adults.

Her parents are Nolakay Williamson and Steve Kelm. She has four brothers and a golden retriever named Holly. Two of her brothers are stepbrothers.

Rachel says her favorite color is lime green. She likes all of her classes at MMS because the teachers are really nice and she has fun in all of her classes.

Zack Hadzima

According to his teachers, Zack Hadzima shows leadership qualities, is a hard worker and has a great attitude. He demonstrates exceptional responsibility and is fun to have in his 6 Gold classes.

Zach is the son of Tony and Julie Hadzima.

He likes to play basketball. He likes going to school because he knows it will help him get a job in the future, and he also likes to help others if they are having trouble with something. It makes him feel really good.

Zach says he enjoys his social studies class because he likes to learn about different cultures and how they live.