Green Bay Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers admonished reporters this week for speculating that he was engaged to his girlfriend Destiny Newton after a blog highlighted a ring she was wearing at a college football game last weekend.

Rodgers also seems in a spitting match with CBS TV show "60 Minutes" over a profile of him the network aired two weeks ago. Two days after the profile aired, Rodgers said it could have been edited in a way that was more respectful to him.

He complained that the piece mentioned nothing about a major charity event that Rodgers allowed "60 Minutes" to cover in May.

Rodgers told Detroit reporters on Wednesday that CBS unfairly edited his answers to questions about the New Orleans' Saints bounty scandal. He said on the show that he feels like defenses are trying to take him out of every game - but he wasn't sure if they got into a money pool to do it.

Later the quarterback told reporters not to take too much stock in his his comments, saying they were quote, "cut for their purposes, their agenda." Yesterday, "60 Minutes" responded by releasing a transcript of Rodgers' comments - including some that did not appear on the show.

Executive producer Jeff Fager said Rodgers was, "never taken out of context, and most anybody portrayed as he was on '60 Minutes' would have been flattered." Fager also said it was quote, "obvious we got it right when we reported that he tends to be overly sensitive."