There is a lot to like about the strategic planning process

Independent School District 192 completed recently.

Perhaps the most significant positive to come from the process is the

degree to which it involved the public. Twenty-five people spent more

than 30 hours in a room together to reach the conclusions that went

into the plan.

Many the people who took part in the process were the parents of

children who are or will soon be students in Farmington schools. It

is these people and their families who will be most significantly

affected by the decisions that come out of it. It was vital that they

be involved, and we can hope this process will help a district that

already inspires some dedicated parents inspire even more resident

involvement. School board member Craig Davis expects as much.

"I think down the road one of the biggest things to come out of this

process will be to get more people involved in the Farmington

schools," Davis said earlier this week. "Just having the chance to

share different ideas and philosophies at the meeting was very


Resident involvement did not end with the last planning session,

either. Farmington residents will soon form action teams to help

carry out the goals the planners established.

It is during that stage and beyond that this process will likely

prove most important to the school district. Because while predicting

the future is impossible in a district that is growing and changing

as fast as Farmington's is, preparing for what is to come is


That is what this planning process is about. It has established a

framework to guide future decisions and identified the values that

will guide everything the district does in the years to come.

Change is a certainty in Independent School District 192. With this

strategic planning process the district has established two things

that should help it deal with whatever comes its way: a set of values

and a groundwork of resident support.