25 years ago

From the October 2, 1985

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edition of the

Farmington Independent

Fire hall to open

Saturday isn't going to come fast enough for Dave Pietsch.

The Farmington Fire Department, of which Pietsch is the Chief, has set this weekend for its move into new quarters on Denmark Road.

According to the Fire Chief, everything that the Department has -- equipment, trucks, office furniture -- is being moved to the new location.

"I'm really excited about it," Pietsch said. "The guys that have been in here are pretty excited about the move. It'll be the first time we have something of our own.

"It's just a super building," he said.

Insurance costs force Dr. Ailabouni to drop OB practice

The rising cost of medical care and medical malpractice suites have hit home in Farmington.

Because of soaring costs of his insurance, Dr. Souheil Ailabouni has been forced to decide not to deliver any more babies, effective the first of next year....

Because of the large amounts of money involved in obstetrics suits, liability insurance rates for physicians -- more commonly known as malpractice insurance -- have risen dramatically in recent years....

Dr. Ailabouni, who has never had a malpractice suit against him, says that one reason the rates have gone up is because doctors like himself have to pay for other people's mistakes....

In his place, Dr. Ailabouni has arranged for a St. Paul obstetrician to come to Sanford. Dr. Ailabouni said he will continue to work with infants after their birth, but that he will not actually deliver the babies after the end of the year.

50 years ago

From the September 29, 1960 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Homecoming here

next week

The Farmington high school will hold their annual Homecoming, October 7. Hi-lighting the event is the football game, scheduled for 7:30, between Pine Bend and the local football team.

A parade from the Ford garage down Third Street to the Pontiac garage and then across to the high school will set off the festivities....

The upper classmen have already selected eight boys and eight girls as possible candidates for King and Queen. Their names are as follows: Dwayne Sprute, Maynard Bell, Theron Culber, Tom Johnson, Dave Zoelle, Tom Ryan, Mike Wood and Jim Smith as king candidates: and Jean Brinkman, Diane Swedin, Pat Schroeder Cheryl Roberts, Sharon Vincent, Jane Hayden, Mary Stegmaier and Anita Baker as queen.

Following the football game, there will be a homecoming dance at the school.

In conjunction with the Homecoming celebration will be Hobo Day, on Thursday. The students from grades 7 through 12 will dress up in appropriate costumes and one boy and girl will be selected as Hobo King and Hobo Queen to take part in the homecoming parade Friday evening.

During the day "the hobos" will visit the elementary school to display their grab to the students there.

Break-ins at

elevators here

In two break-ins late Sunday evening or early Monday morning, persons entered the Gil Farm Service and Feely Grain Elevator here in Farmington, but went away quite empty handed.

Authorities here state that it could have been the job of teenagers and they are checking it out.

Entry was made to both buildings by breaking down the doors on the west side. At Gil's they broke open a coke machine and took $3 or $4 and perhaps a carton of cigarettes.

At Feely's Elevator they were disappointed when only a few pennies remained in the cash drawer.

75 years ago

From the October 4, 1935

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

"Cullud Gemmen" card tricksters escape with over $20.00 cash

Two "cullud gemmen" with a clever card trick and taking ways shuffled into Frank Ahern's poolhall here shortly before noon Friday and shuffled out with over $20, according to the poolhall proprietor.

While Mr. Ahern was engaged in talking with salesmen, one of the dark boys sat at the counter showing a card trick to some of the local card sharks.

No one knows just how it happened, but when the strangers left the poolhall they carried with them over $20 which Mr. Ahern claims was picked up from the counter.

The darkies jumped into their Chrysler '34 coupe and left town in a hurry.

Deputy Sheriffs Mike Fitzpatrick, Syl Gleisner, and Tom Steele were notified, and a call to Sheriff Joseph Heinen caused a description of the boys to be broadcast over the radio, but the card tricksters made good their escape.

What's happening

in the grades

Second grade

The following had one hundred percent in spelling the past week: Marilyn Elliott, Carol Ellison, Eugene Ersfeld, Genevieve Gannon, Phyllis Heinen, Doris Roche and Shirley Townsend.

Fourth grade

Ralph Stringham is getting along nicely after an operation.

The fourth graders have been cutting Eskimo free hand work. Some of them are quite good, and have been put up for exhibition....

Those who received highest on the arithmetic charts are Evelyn Pietsch, Betty McNamara and Inez Nesse.

Fifth grade

Some pupils have given their first oral book reports. Ralph Birdsall has two "A" book reports to his credit on the chart....

The following had good spelling lessons last week: Darlene Bell, Beverly Betzold, Ralph Birdsall, Howard Cook, James Garvey, Richard Grove, Kathleen McHugh, Jack Whitcomb, Roland Yankowiak and Emery Townsend.

115 years ago

From the October 3, 1895

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Where business is done.

Griebie & Co. have received a new stock of underwear, new dress goods, fur coats, etc. They advertise a special cloak sale Wednesday, Oct. 9. F. H. Griebie went to the cities Wednesday for goods.

An entirely new stock of clothing has just been received by M. Moes from New York City. This is Mr. Moes' first venture in the clothing line. He expects more goods daily.

L. P. Flluke has begun to unpack his holiday goods. His supply of school supplies is very full and he has added a new stock of paper and scratch blocs, very complete line, from J. C. Blair & Co. of Penn.

J. H. Brant hopes to meet all his old friends and many who are new at his opening, announced elsewhere.

J. C. Hamil has received a new line of sewing machines including the White, Wheeler & Wilson and Queen. Watch his ad next week.

High school budget

The professor reports that on the evening of Sept. 26 certain strange and unusual noises began suddenly floating through the atmosphere rousing him from his slumbers and otherwise disturbing his peace and quiet. He professes to be able to account for the experiences, only upon the theory of ghostly visitation.

If one were to loiter about the school grounds they could see the young ladies kicking the foot ball, apparently with as much vigor as the veteran player.

Miss Josephine M. Matison, teacher of the Intermediate Department, reports enrollment for the month of September 22, average daily attendance 20, number of cases of tardiness 1, and total number of absentees for the month 8.

Miss Ray reports no tardiness in Class A of the Second Primary department last week thus giving the children a half hour in the afternoon. She also reports one new scholar.