25 years ago

From the Feb. 25, 1987 edition of the Farmington Independent

New equipment truck due in July

The Farmington Fire Department and Rescue Squad have passed their "exams." Now it's time for them to await their "honor."

The new $98,000 "Fire Rescue Equipment Vehicle," approved last month by the Farmington City Council, is now being built in Osceola, Wisconsin. The truck, meant to replace the existing 1969-model truck, will be used as a personnel and equipment transport truck to all fire and rescue calls.

Fire and rescue members has researched the specifications for a new truck for over a year, before making their presentation to the city council. The departments said that the current vehicle is unsafe and in need of repairs.

Despite its price, said Rescue Captain Dirk Rotty said, "it's not the Cadillac of trucks." The truck is being custom-built and will feature a 16-foot "box," which is only one foot shorter than the entire length of the present truck. Besides seating nine people, it will have storage compartments on the inside and outside.

Another 100 students to enroll here

District 192's growing pains will be felt again in the fall of 1987, one year before the new elementary school is scheduled to be completed.

The district board heard requests last week from school administrators for staffing additions and modifications to keep pace with the changing school population.

Affected most next fall will be the elementary school. Attendance is predicted to rise another 100 students or 10 percent. Principal Doug Henke told the board in a memo this would translate into an additional three teachers and classrooms for next fall....

The elementary school was originally built for about 780 students. Next year's projected population is 1,072.

50 years ago

From the Feb. 22, 1962 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Car hits school bus, 12 escape

Eight Farmington school children in a school bus and their 62-year old bus driver, Ralph Wenz, Farmington, and three others escaped injury when the parked and loading bus - its flashers in operation - was hit from behind by a Saint Paul auto, at 8 a.m. Friday.

A careless driving complaint has been signed against the driver Christian Litzinger, who was accompanied by two other men.

Wenz was southbound, about two miles south of Farmington on State Highway 3. He stopped the bus, had the flashers going and was about to pick up 10 youngsters in one stop.

Those to load were the Bergers, Bakers, Wieses, and Galloways.

Bus flag boy Roger Hill was just getting off when the accident happened. That particular crossing is flagged because of heavy traffic.

Wenz said he saw the car coming, out of control. Wenz had his foot on the brake of the parked bus, and the vehicle didn't move.

The front of the car was smashed, and the bus has $100 damage...

Children on the bus at the time were Dewayne Snesrud, Nola and Shirely Wiess and Roger, James, Sherman, Susan and Sandra Hill.

14 inches - and still snowing!

Fourteen inches of snow has been recorded for the area during the past week, according to Jerome Akin, local meteorologist.

Sunday's storm brought with it 5 inches of snow, accompanied by high winds. Monday 1 inch was recorded, Tuesday 3 inches were recorded and Thursday of last week 5" of snow fell...

At presstime it was still snowing.

75 years ago

From the Feb. 26, 1937 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Probe mystery death

County authorities today are investigating the mysterious death of Mrs. Axel Sejrup, 41 year-old farm woman residing five miles east of Farmington on the Hastings road.

She died Tuesday at midnight and was found with her neck broken and lying on the davenport of the front room.

Dr. G.F. Walter, local physician, who was called, notified Deputy Coroner Leroy Mac Phee. He called the county attorney and sheriff's office and an investigation was started immediately....

According to Mr. Sejrup's statement given to authorities, he spent Tuesday evening at Sandy's Tavern at Empire, two miles east of the farm. At 8 o'clock that evening Mrs. Sejrup went to the tavern to get her husband and the two remained until 10:30 when they started to drive home....

It is reported that an argument ensued between the wife and husband.

Mr. Sejrup said he went outside for 10 minutes and when he returned the wife was suffering convulsions and had called the son and hired man.

She died as they were giving her some milk to drink. They called the doctor....

Investigators found a bottle of strychnine in a cigar box in the pantry.

Changes made at local hospital

Dr. Sanford and Dr. Walter have moved their offices away from the fourth floor of Community Hospital building. Dr. Walter locating upstairs in the Sanford Block on Main Street, and Dr. Sanford locating on the ground floor of the Community Hospital building. Both will continue to associate with the hospital where their patients will be taken care of as before.

Dr. Sanford will continue to devote himself to hospital and office practice, and make a specialty of general and emergency surgery, and eye, ear, nose, and throat work. It seems there is some misunderstanding of the reason Dr. Sanford gave up his outside practice, that he gave it up because of poor health. Dr. Sanford has never been in better health in his life, and hopes to continue so....

New nurses have been hired, and a new superintendent, Miss Alice Schertz, is in charge, with Miss Dorothy Kostka, assistant, and Agnes Cturtnick, night nurse. A new system of diet has been installed, which will result in a considerable saving to the patient.

The hospital will be operated by Dr. J.A. Sanford, but will be open to any ethical physician who wishes to regularly avail himself of the hospital's facilities, and who will interest himself somewhat financially in the institution.

100 years ago

From the Feb. 23, 1912 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Who will they be?

"Who will we elect for our village board this spring," is a question asking many times a day. Who wants the office? Who will take it? But the most important question, who are the best men for the office?

The old board is made up of good men; they very likely will be candidates for re-election, but there are others whose names have been talked of.

This is an unusual year, as candidates are thought to have changed and everyone is wondering what the other fellow is thinking about, and as there is plenty of time we believe a "straw vote" would not be out of order, besides we can get an idea in this way what the people want for their officers, and to this end in view we have prepared a blank ballot, which may be filled out by any legal voter handed in at the Tribune office.

Y.M.C.A movement

There is a movement on foot for the establishment of a Y.M.C.A. in Farmington. Boys and young men are going to spend their evenings somewhere and as there are but few who are willing to spend them every evening at the dull fires be the next best thing is to provide a place next suited to morality and their liking. Rooms can be secured and provided with apparatus in the athletic line and kept clean in a moral sense by the handling by parties in charge... By this means the boys may be kept away from the depots, saloons and other places where they are liable to come in contact with the evils association.

This matter has been talked around to some extent and is being met by the approval of a number of our businessmen who are willing to take hold of the matter and help push it along.