NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on December 12, 2006 at 1:00 p.m. at Camelot Acres, 14750 West Burnsville Parkway, Lot 90, Burnsville, Minnesota 55306, the following manufactured home will be sold by public auction by the Sheriff of Dakota County:

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1977 Homette Corp, Lux 965, 14' x 70',

Serial No. 01-56-188-L

This sale will be held to satisfy a claim upon the above-described manufactured home held by Camelot Acres and owned by Dean Gillen and Liz Gillen. Camelot Acres obtained possession of the property on or about September 1, 2006, pursuant to a writ of recovery. The amount of the claim against the above-referenced property is $2,992.30 computed to the date of sale, exclusive of the expenses of said sale and the advertising thereof, together with the actual expenses of making said sale.

Date: November 2, 2006.


By Patrick G. Leach

Patrick G. Leach?(No. 286825)

Suite 1950

220 South Sixth Street

Minneapolis, MN 55402

(612) 313-0711

Attorneys for Diversified Investments, Inc,

d/b/a Camelot Acres