Reconstruction work on Highway 3 will be Rosemount's biggest traffic headache this summer, but there will likely be several other projects to make drivers reconsider their routes as road construction swings into high gear.

The Rosemount City Council voted last week to move forward with street improvements that will include resurfacing on about nine miles of streets in the Country Hills neighborhoods as well as what the city calls roadway rehabilitation -- a kind of middle ground between resurfacing and complete reconstruction -- on about a mile and a half of Shannon Parkway.

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"We're seeing more deterioration of that road section than we are in other sections of the road," city engineer Andy Brotzler said.

The city also has plans to repair and extend sidewalks in the project area, and to add turn lanes at the entrance to Shannon Park Elementary School. Funding calculations include a solar powered driver feedback sign along Shannon Parkway as an option.

The city still has not awarded a contract for the projects, which are expected to start in July if the city gives final approval. The price tag for the work is estimated at nearly $2.5 million. Money for the work would come from the city's street, trail and storm utility funds, municipal state aid and assessments on residents in the project areas.

Affected residents will have an opportunity May 18 to find out more about and comment on those assessments. The Rosemount City Council will hold a public assessment hearing at its regular meeting, which starts at 7:30 p.m. at city hall.

Brotzler said residents of single-family homes in the resurfacing section of the project can expect an assessment of about $566.

The project should not cause significant traffic delays if it goes forward as planned. Overlay projects like those planned for the Country Hills neighborhood do not require closure of the road. There will be lane shifts associated with the rehabilitation on Shannon Parkway, but Brotzler said the road will remain open.

Specific schedules and construction plans will not be available until a construction contract is approved.