25 years ago

From the Nov. 27, 1986

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edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Schools, renovations on bond issue

A $47.5 million bond issue that calls for a new high school, middle school, elementary school and renovation of existing facilities will be presented to District 196 voters March 10, 1987.

That was the decision of the District 196 Board at its Nov. 10 meeting. The decision was made after months of learning about district needs through Reaction Committee meetings, staff meetings, a public hearing and workshop.

The unanimous decision kicks off a four-month campaign intended to see the district's largest bond issue the board says is needed to accommodate the district's continuing growth....

Prior to the board's final decision, members had discussed at a workshop the possibility of including a second stadium with the third high school or adding an auditorium at Rosemount High School....

The proposed high school, middle school and elementary will most likely be located in the district's fastest growth area, Eagan. The high school will include an auditorium but not a stadium. Board member Roy Zabierek said the three high schools can share the two auditoriums at the new high school and at Apple Valley High School....

The total bond issue package, costing $47,516,00, includes the following: high school at a cost of $20.8 million; middle school at a cost of $16.7 million; elementary at a cost of $7.1 million; renovation and expansion of stadium at a cost of $476,000; renovation of Rosemount Middle School at a cost of $1.8 million; and purchasing sites for future use at a cost of $640,000. "These are clear needs," board member Margaret Gohman said. All of the items will be included in just one question....

50 years ago

From the Nov. 23, 1961

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Pays $50 - after 18 years

Someone in the Rosemount area waited 18 years to get a bill from Leo J. Fluegel Elevator.

This week Leo received a $50 greenback in the mail accompanied by the following statement:

"Please accept this money in payment for feed which I got at your store. It was during the war, quite a while ago. I never received a bill for it and I want to pay for it now. Better late than never. Don't worry about who this is, it don't matter. Just forget about it. That's what I am going to do. Thank you for waiting. Guess Who."

Leo has no idea who sent it.

Former teacher at Rosemount opens law office

Robert T. Cates, former teacher at the Rosemount high school, has announced the opening of offices for the practice of law in St. Paul.

Mr. Cates taught senior high social studies and was assistant football coach at Rosemount high school from 1954-59. During the time he taught school at the St. Paul College of Law and obtained his degree.

He had previously attended St. Mary's College in Winona and taught school in Paynesville and Browns Valley. He graduated from the law school in 1959.

His offices will be located at 713 Pioneer Bldg.

School officials at Rosemount plan future

At a meeting Monday evening November 13, representatives from eight townships and the villages of Coates and Rosemount met with the Rosemount school board to discuss long range problems that all units of government have to face and to measure, means of mutual cooperation to assist each other.

Principal concern at the meeting was the possible need for school sites. Clyde Ryberg, Dakota County Planning Commission and Superintendent H.C. Hanson presented current information on this topic. The town units were requested to advise the board when extensive developments might be coming to their respective units so the need of additional school facilities could be met.

The school board met Monday evening, November 20, in the high school library with Dr. Otto Domian of the Bureau of Field Studies, Principals Brandt and Walden to discuss primarily specific areas and to review developments since the Bureau Survey and report in October 1959.

Topics discussed were current enrollments, projected enrollments, space requirements and other related items....

Basketball is well underway at Rosemount

Basketball practice is well underway at the Rosemount high school in preparation to meeting the first opponent of the current season. Shakopee, in a non-conference game this evening, (Wednesday) at 8 o'clock.

Coach Fred Sheridan has three returning lettermen, Jim Loeding, senior, 6'0"; Don Rosen, senior, 6'2" and Gerald Glassing, junior, 5'11'' and five other returnees: Richard Crosby, senior, 5'11''; Dennis Crosby, senior 5'11; Ken Groth, junior, 5'10"; Tom McCarthy, senior, 5'11"; and Dale McClung, junior, 6'3".

Newcomers out for the squad include: Peter King, sophomore, 6'2"; Richard King, sophomore, 6'1"; Jim O'Brien, junior, 5'10"; Gordon Bohn, sophomore, 5'11"; Melvin Gores, sophomore, 5'10"; and Don Crow, sophomore, 5'9".

Coach Sheridan said, "We feel that if we can come up with a five hundred season and find two or three replacements that can come through in the church. We have no bone to pick with anyone."

Ruhr resigns, Rahn appointed at Rosemount

F.A. Ruhr, member of the Rosemount school board for nearly 38 years, resigned his position at the regular meeting held November 13. He served as treasurer of the board since 1924 and his resignation was met with reluctance by other members of the board who have worked with him for so many years.

Mr. Ruhr recently moved to Hastings and is no longer a resident of the school district....

Replacing Mr. Ruhr on the board is Edwin Rahn who has served the board before. Mr. Rahn did not file for re-election in 1960 after serving 12 years on the school board. A resident of the village, who operates a farm and bulk milk route, the school board feels fortunate in gaining the services of Mr. Rahn again. His term will extend until June 30, 1962.

75 years ago

From the Nov. 27, 1936 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Rosemount News

Frank Scott of Rosemount, L.W. Amacher, Al Olson and A.W. Glewwe of St. Paul returned on Nov. 18th from a successful hunting trip from the Vermillion Gold Mine district.

Friends of Mrs. Gus Polenske will be pleased to learn that she was able to leave the hospital and return to her home.

Mrs. A. F. Moeller was able to leave St. Luke's hospital and is now at home. She is much better, which will be good news to her many friends.

Mrs. Gus Polenske made a trip to St. Paul Tuesday.

Relatives of Alvin Fosier gave him a birthday party and a reunion of the Fox family on Tuesday evening. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Anton Fox and family and Peter Fox of Welch, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Fox, Pauline Fox, Mrs. Ed Schoemmer and Veronica Reuter of Hastings; Mrs. Schwartz of Vermillion and Mrs. E.C. Von Wald of Red Lake Falls.

Miss Josephine Gibson picked up two Mexican bills in the Rechtzigel Imp. Co's. office Tuesday. One is a one peso bill and the other is five pesos. The bills are aged and are of curiosity to those who are accustomed to American money only. The owner may have same by calling for them.

Mr. and Mrs. M.O. Larson, Mr. and Mrs. O.M. Larson and A.J. Larson were visitors at the Helvig and Lawrence homes in St. Paul.

Coates and Rich Valley

Elmer Klegin is working at the Paul Sachwitz farm.

Alice Mae Ohmann who was in St. Paul the past three weeks returned to her home.

Miss Margaret Byers was a dinner guest at the Thomas Rice home last Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Len Rechtzigel were Sunday evening visitors at the home of Mrs. Walter Volkert.

The Hugo Mueller family moved into their new basement last week where they will live until their new home is complete.

100 years ago

From the Nov. 24, 1911

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Rosemount Page

Tillie Sauser was among the Farmington visitors Wednesday.

Birdie Heinen called on friends in Farmington Wednesday.

Louis Holman made a business trip to St. Paul Thursday.

William Scott and Charles Sullivan returned home Thursday after a short deer hunt bringing with them each a deer.

Attend the A.O.H. dance at Rosemount, Nov. 29.

Thomas Hogan who has been out west for the past thirteen years came Friday to spend a few weeks with his brother William.

Louis Hollman made a business trip to St. Paul Tuesday.

Frank Welch and John Heinen left Monday for Chicago, Ill., where they'll work from.

Don't forget the dance given by the A.O.H. Nov. 29, in Geraghty's Hall.

Rev. Fr. Cosgrove made a business trip to St. Paul Tuesday.

If you are in need of winter horse blankets come and see and examine my stock of blankets, I can save you money. - Peter Heinen, Rosemount, Minn.