February 18

Missing person, 15000 block of Chasewood Ct.

Found bicycle, 15700 block of Crystal Path

Fraud, 3700 block of 145 St. W.

Domestic disturbance, 2700 block of Lower 138 St. W.

Fight, 14100 block of Atwood Ct.

Noise complaint, 14900 block of Damask Ave. W.

February 19

Fraud, other, 3400 block of 150 St. W.

Fraud, 4200 block of 143 St. W.

Medical, 150 Street West and Shannon Parkway

Traffic, passing a parked emergency vehicle, 150 Street West and Business Parkway

Trespass, 2900 block of 146 St. W.

Theft, value over $1000, 14400 block of Crescent Cir.

Criminal damage, 15600 block of Danville Ave. W.

Curfew, 142 Street West and Robert Trail South

February 20

Harassing communications, 2800 block of 138 St. W.

Found bicycle, 15900 block of Cascade Path

Theft, value less than $500, 3700 block of 150 St. W.

Parking violation, 14100 block of Dekalb Ave.

February 21

Assist other agency, 5 Street and Elm Street

Driving after license suspension, 1300 block of 145 St. E.

Arrest warrant, 145 Street East and Akron Avenue

Drug paraphernalia, 3300 block of 142 St. W.

Damage to squad, 150 Street West and Chippendale Avenue

Arrest warrant, 145 Street East and Akron Avenue

Arrest warrant, 14500 block of Cimarron Ave. W.

February 22

Theft, other property, value less than $500, 3400 block of 150 St. W.

Accident, motor vehicle damage, 145 Street West and Biscayne Avenue

Assault, terroristic threats, 14900 block of Delft Ave. W.

Criminal sexual conduct, fifth degree, 3300 block of 142 St. W.

Fraud, identity theft, 14200 block of Cranberry Way

Domestic disturbance, 3100 block of 145 St. E.

February 23

Driving after license suspension, Delft Avenue and Upper 148 Street West

Driving after license suspension, 15800 block of Cicerone Path

Snowmobile operation, 4200 block of Evermoor Parkway

February 24

Drug paraphernalia, Courthouse Boulevard and Doyle Path

Curfew violation, 13700 block of Dodd Blvd.

No proof insurance, Diffley Road and Dodd Road

Domestic disturbance, 14400 block of Bayberry Circle

Assault, domestic, 13300 block of Couchtown Court

Narcotics intelligence, 2700 block of Upper 138 St. W.

Adult arrests

February 20

Barbara Jean McHenry, 46, of Farmington, was cited for theft.


February 21

A 15-year-old male, of Burnsville, was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

February 24

A 16-year-old male, of Bloomington, was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

A 16-year-old male, of Eagan, was cited for a curfew violation.

A 16-year-old female, of Rosemount, was cited for assault.