For almost 20 years, the names of donors who supported the reopening of the LeDuc estate to the public have been kept on record.

Now, those names, including state, county, and city officials, Dakota County Historical Society and Friends of LeDuc members, as well as private individuals, will greet visitors to the mansion.

The first opportunity is this Sunday, May 22, when the LeDuc historic estate is open for public tours. The hundreds of people, whose names are printed on the cotton wall hanging, helped to make the day happen.

The LeDuc donor wallhanging, completed in the colors of the LeDuc era -- gold, green, and wheat -- was completed in less than two weeks and hangs in the front entrance area of the mansion at 1629 Vermillion Street. There is room for additional names on the quilt, which measures 48 inches wide and 32 inches high.

The printing process of the names on the cotton quilt was computer-generated with the assistance of freezer paper, an iron and quilters Sandy Carroll, Andrea Johnson, Sherri Olesen, Cindy Thury Smith, and Lin Trembath.