Once again, the school district has been the beneficiary of the Ruth Gale and George W. Doffing Charitable Gift Fund. The total amount of the gift is $100, 655, to be distributed among Hastings elementary, middle and high schools, as well as scholarships.

The elementary schools received $29,900. The money will be used to fund the Scholastic Reading program, to purchase amplifier systems and an emergent reader, and to fund mentor retreats.

The middle school received $39,560. The money will be spent on computers for students, a laser printer, a scanner, projections system and a digital camera.

Additional money will be spent for a Classroom Performance System (CPS), a geography lab and a Youth Frontier Retreat. A CPS is the point-and-click classroom system first used by Tim Hasty-Bambenek at the high school.

The high school received $11,995, and will use the money to purchase additional CPS equipment and two Bluetooth chalkboards, which can be used in math-oriented classes.

Additional money will be used to purchase laptop computers for the physics classes.

The school district will earmark $20,000 of the funds for scholarships.

The school board will approve acceptance of the funds and the expenditures at its May meeting.