After a two month delay, the Hastings Planning Commission gave the thumbs up to a new office building on the 800 block of Bahls Drive.

The commission voted 6-0 to recommend approval for Lawrence Builders to construct the three-story building that will abut adjacent townhouses.

Commissioner Greg Schmitt was absent.

The site plan request for the building was tabled at the April 10 Planning Commission meeting because the initial site plan did not meet the 30-foot minimum setback requirement, which means the building would have been built too close to the townhouses.

The nearly 6,000-square foot building is planned to be located near the Westview Office Center, and will be used by Lawrence Builders.

The Hastings City Council will consider the plan at its next meeting on Monday, July 19.

Other action

The commission voted 6-0 to recommend approval to subdivide a lot owned by Bruce and Ann Jorgenson located east of General Sieben Drive and north of Tierney Drive.

The 1.05-acre parcel will be split into three single-family lots and sold for development.

The commission also heard a presentation from the Hastings Environmental Protectors, a local environmental advocacy group.

During the presentation, HEP representatives George May and Phil Vieth requested that the city of Hastings increase its efforts to make its storm water management plan more environmentally friendly.

HEP also requested the city appoint and authorize a specific task force or an individual to look at issues involving non-point source pollution, which is pollution that comes from runoff of impermeable surfaces.