To the editor,

As a lifelong resident of Hastings, I am appalled that our community hospital, Regina Medical Center, has joined the ranks of employers looking to balance their books by breaking their promises to loyal, long-term employees. In it's "final offer" to members of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, hospital administration included a reduction in pension benefits of up to 50 percent.

Throughout our community and across the country, people who play by the rules and work hard are being left further behind when it comes to retirement security. Every one of us knows someone, be it a relative, friend or neighbor, who has had their pensions slashed. What happened to the world where loyalty was repaid with the peace of mind that you would be able to enjoy your golden years and not have to work at Wal-Mart until the day you die?

Together, as the caregivers at Regina Medical Center, we are taking a stand for everybody who works for a living in Hastings. We are ready to say the buck stops here. Working people have earned retirement security.

We humbly ask for your support.

Sharon Braun


Dietary aide

SEIU Healthcare MN member

Regina Medical Center