Dakota County authorities are alleging a 43-year-old New Trier man sexually assaulted a 17-year-old female with learning disabilities many times during a 10-year period.

The female victim apparently shared a residence with the accused man, John Allen Clements, and another individual in New Trier.

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Clements has been charged with four counts of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree and four counts of criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree. No court dates have been scheduled.

According to the criminal complaint filed in the Dakota County Attorney's office, the Sheriff's Office received a report Jan. 25 from an individual who suspected Clements had assaulted the child. She indicated she had come into the darkened residence and heard moaning and screaming sounds coming from the victim's bedroom. A few minutes later, Clements came out of an adjoining bathroom. When the individual confronted Clements, he responded, "I did it. I am a b.... ," and ran out of the residence.

Officers learned Clements went to a relative's. He was subsequently placed on a 72-hour hospital hold.

In an interview with child protection workers, the victim said Clements had inappropriately touched her that night. She also indicated he had inappropriately touched her on other occasions.

On Jan. 28, deputies interviewed Clements at Regions Hospital. Clements claimed the victim "actually approached him and began kissing him."

When asked what had happened that night, Clements said, "I don't know for sure."

Initially, Clements denied any inappropriate touching of the girl, but finally admitted, "Maybe I did touch her ... and if I did, that's probably why I was sick."