Few had been in a hospital emergency room before, but members of Girl Scout Troop 53025 knew they wanted to help other kids.

Working together, the eight girls - Grace Budach, Julia Caneff, Linsey Jorgensen, Madison Ficker, Laura Orres, Ashley Skov, Lucy Trunk and Kayla White - decorated cloth gift bags, and filled them with coloring books, crayons, reading books and Beanie Babies. Then, last week, they brought them to Regina Medical Center and presented them to the emergency room personnel to give to children who come there for treatment.

"The troop kind of came up with the idea on their own," said assistant troop leader Jeri Orres. Troop leader is Stacy Ficker.

As part of the community service project, the girls were asked to do extra chores around the house to earn money, or dig into their piggy banks. Each Scout was responsible for buying a coloring and reading book and crayons. The troop bought the Beanie Babies with troop funds. Char King donated the gift bags, and the girls decorated them.

Troop 53025 has been involved in several other community projects. In November, members played bingo with Regina residents. Members came with "lots of quarters," according to Orres, and they were given to residents who won games.

Also in November, troop members picked up trash around Lake Rebecca.