Friday, April 30, marks the final day of service for the City of Hastings' TRAC bus service.

Come Monday, the city will be served by the Metropolitan Council's Transit Link program.

What does the change mean? That's still unclear.

Here's what we know for sure: all standing orders/subscriptions for people who use the bus every day to get to and fro will be grandfathered in to the system. Those riders should see no disruption.

What is unknown is how the change will affect those people who want to take a ride to the grocery store, or take a similar trip within Hastings. In the past, those riders would simply call TRAC, schedule a pickup and they'd soon be whisked away. Those riders may not have the same luxury anymore.

"There might be some growing pains," assistant city administrator Melanie Mesko Lee said. "(TRAC) has been pretty responsive. We're all hoping there will be very little impact. It may be just fine."

In large part, the uncertainty is due to the fact that many areas of the county that haven't had this kind of service will soon get it.

"When someone in Farmington, who currently doesn't have dial-a-ride figures this out and starts using it, how will that affect how service will be provided in Hastings?" Mesko Lee asked. "How will that impact us?"

Riders will soon get the answers to those questions.


To schedule a ride with Transit Link, call 651-602-LINK.

Trips less than 10 miles are $2.25 each way.

Trips between 10 and 20 miles are $4.50 each way.

Trips longer than 20 miles are $6.75 each way.

ADA-certified riders pay a maximum of $4.50 per direction.